Top CoC Base Layouts

Best TH8 Base Layouts – Copy Bases Layouts With Links

The town hall is an important part of your village and so you’ll want to have the best TH8 base layouts from the layouts given below. Protecting loot from attacks is hard but with these bases, it shouldn’t be a problem.

To start a successful push, try upgrading: – Dark Barracks – Dark Spell Factory – Clan Castle – Laboratory After that, upgrade Barbarian King.

As you upgrade to the TH8 base, new defenses will unlock. Place these carefully and plan ahead in order to design a great base for your village. Taking care of different factors as you do so is always important, but if you do well at the key things mentioned in this post, then it doesn’t matter too much where anything else goes.

Th8 Base Layouts With Links

As you get more experienced playing clash of clans and progress in the game, you may find that it can be difficult to get prepared for new plans. We have listed TH8 base layouts so that you can get started with your defense and then attack.

Best TH8 Base Layouts
Town Hall 8 bases with links

These bases are designed to help you plan and use your strategies. Tips on designing your base: focus on the right building type, know their placements, and don’t let anything fall behind. Play without worrying about loot – our bases have everything you need! All of these layouts are viable with enough thought put into them.

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