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Clash Mini, developed by Supercell, is a thrilling strategy game that features miniature versions of your beloved Clash of Clans characters. Players engage in head-to-head battles on a grid-like board, strategically placing Minis and predicting their opponent’s moves to secure victory.

The Mini Clash of Clans is a mobile game based on the popular Clash of Clans strategy game.

Clash Mini Download APK

Clash Mini App for Android
Category Strategy game
Language 47+
License Free
File Size 127.58 MB
Op. System Android
Package Name com.supercell.clashmini

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How to Download and Install Clash Mini APK

  1. Allow Unknown Sources: Go to Device Settings > Security > Enable “Unknown Sources.”
  2. Find a Reputable Source: Search for “Clash Mini APK download” and choose a website you trust (e.g., Uptodown).
  3. Download: Locate the APK file and download it.
  4. Install: Open your file manager, find the APK (often in “Downloads”), tap it, and follow the installation instructions.

Features of Clash Mini

Strategic Gameplay

  • Mini Placement: At the core of Clash Mini is placing your Minis strategically on the board to anticipate your opponent’s actions.
  • Team Building: Create unique decks of Minis focusing on synergies and counters for diverse strategies.
  • Predictions and Adaptability: Each battle is a thrilling mind game where you must predict your opponent’s moves and adapt your own in real-time.

2. Familiar Yet Fresh

  • Iconic Clash Universe: Clash Mini brings beloved characters like Barbarians, Archers, and P.E.K.K.A.s to life in a charming new form.
  • Simplified Mechanics: Clash Mini offers a streamlined take on the Clash world, making it easy to learn but difficult to master.

3. Game Modes

  • 1v1 Duels: Engage in fast-paced head-to-head battles against other players.
  • Rumble Mode: Compete against seven other players in exciting chaotic clashes.
  • Ranked Matches: Climb the leaderboards through victories and unlock rewards.

4. Progression and Customization

  • Upgrade Minis: Enhance your Minis’ abilities to make them more powerful in combat.
  • Unlock Cosmetics: Collect stylish emotes, skins, and boards for personalization.
  • Quests and Challenges: Complete tasks for additional rewards and experience.

5. Social Features

  • Mini Clans: Join a community of fellow players and collaborate within your clan.
  • Friendly Matches: Practice and have fun with clanmates or friends in friendly duels.


If you’re looking for a Clash of Clans spinoff game that’s even smaller in scale, the Clash of Clans: Tiny app is just for you! In this game, you’ll get to play some of your favorite Clash of Clans characters, who are much smaller in scale than their larger siblings. This makes Tiny Clash of Clans an ideal game for playing on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets.

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