Top CoC Base Layouts

Best Clash of Clans Bases with Links 2023 – Town Hall 7-12

Clash of Clans bases can be very complex structures and they can vary greatly depending on their purpose. Make sure you organize your coc base in a way that makes sense to you and makes it easy to find things when you need them. If you’re looking for ideas on what kind of base design might be right for you.

Take a look at some of the most popular Clash of Clans bases online. You may find that some of the best designs out there actually come from other players just like you who have found a way to make the most out of their resources and create something functional, beautiful, and unique all at once.‍

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Top Clash of Clans Bases Layouts

Having a strong, well-designed base is essential for victory in Clash of Clans. The way you combine your defensive structures and the layout of your village both have an impact on how likely you are to win. A poorly constructed base can be very frustrating for attackers who just can’t crack it.

The top clash of clans bases is those that offer a high degree of protection and have multiple layers of defense. Coc bases should be well thought out, analyzing attack points and potential weak spots. The strongest CoC bases also present opportunities for trap deployment.

The ideal Clash of Clans bases will take into account the Troop type and strengths of your Clanmates when choosing which layout to use. This article provides some advice on how to create the best CoC bases. Each Clash Of Clans base should follow these principles:

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Basics of a Good Clash of Clans Base

There are a few key criteria to consider when designing a new base: When building a new base, try to follow these guidelines to create a strong foundation for your village.

  1. Balance – A good base has a good mix of defense and growth buildings. A heavily-defended village can be hard to raid, especially for lower-level players. A compact village with no room for ext. buildings are easier to raid with.
  2. Accessibility – The best bases are those where everything is easily reached. If you find yourself walking to one side of your village to collect resources, or to the storage for elixir, you’re wasting time.
  3. Symmetry – A symmetrical base is more efficient in many ways. It’s easier to defend with troops that are evenly distributed, and it’s easy to know exactly where to target during raids.

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Tips for Building Best Defended Clash of Clans Base

The first thing most attackers will do is target your most valuable buildings. Your Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir storage, as well as your Spell Factory and Laboratory, are all prime targets. The best way to protect these important buildings is by using strong walls to surround them, as well as putting other buildings in the way. Destroyers, especially those with the Golem’s ability to break through walls will wreak havoc on unprotected storage. To protect your gold, elixir, and dark elixir, build walls around them and put other buildings in between these walls and the storage. Walls take a long time to break through but only a few seconds to break through.

Strong Walling

Strong walling is one of the best ways to defend your village. By surrounding key buildings and facilities with impenetrable walls, you can prevent attacking troops from getting close to them. The longer it takes for troops to break through your walls, the more time you have to defend your village.

Strong walls are built with at least level 7 walls, with higher-level walls being better. Strong walls are built by surrounding key buildings and facilities with walls of the same level or higher. The easiest way to do this is to use the ‘Auto build Walls’ feature. Autobuild walls will automatically construct walls around your most valuable structures while leaving everything else out. Strong walls will keep even level 6 Wall Breakers out, and they will make it very hard for Goblins and Giant Skeletons to break through.


A watchtower(s) is an essential part of any good base. They allow you to spot incoming troops and react accordingly. You can use your watchtowers to spot troops as early as three seconds before they arrive. Spotting troops early gives you time to react, collect more troops, and join the fight.

With defenses that are already prepped and troops already collected, a few well-timed pushes can completely repel a raid. You want your watchtowers to be on the edges of your village, with as clear a line of sight to the outside as possible. You want to avoid putting them inside your walls, as this will prevent you from spotting troops early.

Clan Castle

Clan Castle is the first line of defense for many players. If your clan castle is stocked with high-level troops, it can make short work of even a fully stocked raid. You can use the clan castle to attack other villages to earn more gold, dark elixir, and experience. The best locations for your clan castle are in the center of your village, as well as behind your walls. This way, it can attack any enemy troops that break through your walls, or that are lured in by your traps.

Dark Elixir Storage

The Dark Elixir Storage is a vital building for every player, especially those at or above Builder Hall level 4. You will be using it to train and upgrade your troops, as well as to expand your village with new buildings.

A fully stocked DE Storage is the difference between a completed and an incomplete troop upgrade. Having enough elixir to build new buildings with can also make a huge difference. Keeping your DE Storage safe is essential. You want to place your DE Storage inside your walls, surrounded by buildings that take a long time to break through as well as traps.

You want to place your DE Storage as close to the center of your village as possible, to make it easier to defend with your clan castle troops.

Storages for Resupplying Defenses and Growing Troops

You want to place your storage in several parts of your village. By storing gold, elixir, and dark elixir in several different buildings, you make it harder for raiders to know exactly where to attack. The best placement for storage is on the edges of your village, surrounded by walls and storage.

This way, they are close enough to be easily accessible but protected from damage from enemy troops. The more walls, storage, and traps you have in between your defenses and the storage, the longer it will take for troops to reach them.

Hero’s Quarters/Barrack

The hero’s quarters and the barrack are two buildings that are essential for any strong base. You want to place these buildings in the center of your village so that you can easily access them. You want to place the barracks directly above the heroes’ quarters so that you can easily drop troops down into the battlefield. Your hero’s quarters are where your heroes are stored when you’re not using them.

Your barracks are where your troops are stored when you’re not using them. You want to store your troops in the barracks to make sure they don’t get destroyed by enemy troops. If your barracks are destroyed in a raid, you will lose any troops stored there, as well as the time it takes to rebuild the barracks.


A great base will keep out most lower-level players, and even some higher-level players. A base that can’t be broken or raided is the best kind of base. You can improve your base by following the tips in this article. You want your village to be balanced, with a good mix of defense and growth buildings.

You want to make it easy for your heroes to get where they need to go, as well as for troops to be dropped in by your hero. You want your village to be accessible and easy to navigate, while also being strong enough to keep out any raiders. A strong base is what separates a good player from a great player.

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