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CoC Tips & Tricks: Free Gold, Gems, and Elixir Fast

Here is the best clash of clans tricks that can make your gameplay better a lot that much that you can find a huge difference between your past gameplay and your present gameplay.

Clash of clans is a really tough game as it requires strategies and needs a lot of time to become a professional so it is a time taking game so here are the best tips and tricks that can be very very useful to you to become a pro in this game, these tips and tricks will help to improve your time and by all the tips and tricks you can save your time as well, I am pretty sure that after reading this article you will become a pro or make your gameplay better in Clash of clans to get into fight with other clans, so let’s get started.

Best Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

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  2. Never rush your Town-hall else you will have a looting problem and you will be an easy target for others.
  3. Try to get 5 builders as fast as possible and keep them working all the time. Use them in such a way so you can make out most of the use of them.
  4. Try maxing out your heroes as fast as possible I would suggest upgrading both heroes at the same time if you can loot enough else it will take ages to get them maxed.
  5. Max your all the troops in the lab. Don’t keep lab work pending because u got only one lab and too much to upgrade. And upgrade the stuff you use most first.
  6. Farm with a cheap and fast army so that you can get enough benefit from them. Take clan castle troops as much as possible it matters.
  7. Upgrade your defenses, walls in particular. If you have good level walls many will simply skip your base and if you go for walls you can get enough dark for heroes in the process.
  8. Keep a good layout and keep your storage separated. Centralize your cc, Town-hall or dark Elixir storages according to your preference.
  9. Keep cc always and heroes up if you are into pushing. While attacking keep patience don’t get frustrated if you lose. Always check base first and make sure you can get 1-star at least to be on the safer side.
  10. Practice with friends in the friendly battle that will help you in learning new tricks and ways to good replays from your clan mates in clan wars and learn from it and implement.
  11. Make full usage of 1 gem boost, does not matter how many gems you have left
  12. Use BARCH for looting till townhall 8
  13. Do not spend gems to speed anything up, save it for your builders.
  14. After reaching townhall 9, start upgrading heroes. otherwise, it will make your progress to townhall 10 slower
  15. Don’t be stingy in war at townhall 7/8. use mass dragons and use them all to make sure that it’s a 3 star.
  16. Watch other you-tubers videos to learn strategies
  17. Go on trophy pushing if you want to get better at a war attack, it will help a lot.
  18. Make a base where you can arrange everything in a proper manner so that you know what is left to be upgraded
  19. WALLS are important, don’t take them lightly. UPGRADE THEM
  20. Max out your everything in the village before upgrading town hall.
  21. DO NOT Rush

Well, there can be lots of more tricks, you check YouTube for more tips and tricks. But these are some of the best I would have out few cant figures out lol..but saying all those with experience. As i am maxed th11 been playing for over 3 years now. Anything to ask you can always put your question in the comments.

Clash of Clans Attack Guide 2022

First of all, there are many strategies that you can play according to your Townhall level. Attacking is one of the most important, attacking gives you unlimited resources. Hence, if you are weak in attacking, then Clash of Clans itself provides attacking strategies and creatively combining troops. Below are some of the points that will improve your attacking skills.

  1. Look For Builder Hut

The Clash of Clans Gives you 3 minutes for one attack. But, most of the time, it happens that you run out of time due to builder Hut. Hence, while attacking first, look for the builder’s hut and destroy them using Archers. Also, deploy your troop in a spread manner so that you can take the base quickly.

  1. Revenge From Your Attack Log

Most of the time, your village gets attacked by other Clasher and gets some resource from your town. You can take revenge on them, as it gives more time to analyze their village. Whereas, analyze their village and train troops according to that village and get a comfortable 3 star.

  1. Better Troops Direction And Open Base

Deploy your troops in the right direction to get more resource rewards. Also, look for the village which has an open so that your ground troops don’t waste time in breaking walls. Whereas attack your clan mates base by asking them to challenge and try with new strategies, and you will progress with your attacks faster.

Clash Of Clans Defense Tricks

There are many factors that you should know to defend your base from attackers. Upgrade your defense so that it can damage your attacker’s troops faster. Also, upgrade your walls so that the attacker’s ground troops can spend some to destroy the walls. There are many layouts available that you use to build your base layout.

  1. Build And Defend Your Base From Walls

At the start, you will get a wooden wall, and the HP (Health power) for the first level wall is very low. Hence, you need to upgrade your walls to defend your base from attackers. You should achieve a level of 3 walls as soon as possible. Therefore, these walls will slow down your attacker’s troops.

  1. Keep Your Heroes And Castle Troops Awake

This is Another initiative to defend your village from a successful attack. Castle troops and Heroes will protect your town by attacking the troops. Dropping your trophies and keeping your storage nill decreases the chances of getting attacked. If you are assaulted once your shield will be activated. I suggest not to attack until the shield time gets over.

One of the most important things to remember is to not upgrade your town hall unless your troops are at max level. Some troops like Minion or Valkyrie might seem useless at your current town hall level, but believe me, they become much more useful at a higher town hall level. So upgrade each and every troop to max level. All defenses are upgraded to max level. Don’t leave even a single defense building not being upgraded before upgrading your town hall. It may sound useless, but update your wall to max level too before upgrading your town hall. Some players don’t upgrade their walls, but its importance is felt on higher town halls. So upgrade your wall too.

These things are a must because, on every town hall upgrade, you get lesser loot on town hall below your level. This is the list of best Clash Of Clans that you can use to play. You can recommend these tips and tricks to your friends who play Clash Of Clans.

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