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Clash of Queens for Android APK Latest version

The multiplayer online role-playing games have become all the more popular these days and you can find more and more of them coming up. All these new games come with interesting gameplay features and have some sort of interest for the avid players to keep them spellbound for hours. A few popular examples include Clash of Clans, World Of Warcraft, and Clash Royale. However, the latest addition to the pool is that of Clash of Queens. The game is getting increasingly popular with every passing day and more and more gamers are turning to it for making the most of their gaming time.

If you have already become familiar with this new war strategy game, you must already be looking to find out the best troops that you can use to win battles in the game. To make it easier for you, here we have listed a few troops that can make your armies invincible in Clash of Queens. Let’s take a look.

Mad Sorcerer

These are the wizards with an attack power of 118 and their defense stands at 53. When you take them in the Power Attack mode, it greatly increases their attack power but halves attack speed. Besides, with accumulated power, their range can be improved to a significant extent.

Storm knight

These beautiful lady riders come with an attack power of 91 and have a defense strength of 49. You can charge with these to get a chance of attacking the enemy-ranged troops while when they’re in deadly march mode their marching speed is increased significantly.

Catapult Crossbowmen

These shielded men have an attack strength of 98 while their defense is 49. You can use them in heavy attack mode to greatly increase their attack. Besides, aiming can improve their range greatly as well.

So, when you are up for building your armies in Clash of Queens, never forget these three main troops. They can really add to the strength of your armies.

The clash of clans android is a real-time online multiplayer game that allows the players to play with their favorite Clash characters. Now you can use infinite cards that are waiting for you to be collected and get used in the game. These cards feature Clash troops with spells and coastal defenses as gamers love. Clash private server-side away brings special characters like Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons, and much more.

So, get prepared to engage in a gaming clan battle, where your main objective is to lead your clan family unit to success and make them super secure by building your army and village. You have a good chance to download a mod apk that contains unlimited resources. It was not easy to find a good server in the past, but now there is a group of sites that continually post the not real servers.

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