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Looking to earn $200 per book? Join WordsRated, a research company that delves deep into NYT bestsellers, uncovering character details, plot intricacies, and more. Dive into this unique opportunity today. Income Potential: $200 per completed book, along with the data submission, will net you $200. WordsRated is not your typical research company. They are a team of literary enthusiasts and professionals who share a common passion for books. Their mission is to provide in-depth insights into NYT bestsellers by meticulously collecting and documenting information about the characters and plot.

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Become a WordsRated all-star today and be a part of something truly extraordinary.

A Research Company Called WordsRated: Who Are They?

WordsRated, a research firm, seeks dedicated individuals to meticulously analyze characters and plots in New York Times bestsellers. This entails recording character names, ages, traits, and dialogue frequency. While it’s not complex, it’s a vital task in their field, and you can earn $200 for each book you complete. They’re currently looking for 5 to 10 passionate individuals to join their team.

Why the Need for Such Research?

You might wonder why anyone would dedicate their time to reading books in such detail. The answer lies in the value it brings to the literary world. Books listed on the NYT bestseller list are often celebrated for their storytelling, character development, and engaging plots. By dissecting these aspects, WordsRated contributes to a better understanding of what makes a book a bestseller.

The Task at Hand

So, what exactly does WordsRated require from its team of “all-stars”? Each reader is tasked with devouring a book cover to cover and noting down specific details:

  • Character Names: List the names of all characters, major and minor, and any aliases they might have.
  • Character Ages: Determine the ages of the characters. This information can be crucial for understanding their motivations and actions.
  • Character Traits: Describe the characters using adjectives. Are they brave, cunning, or empathetic?
  • Dialogue Frequency: Note how frequently each character engages in dialogue. This can reveal their significance in the story.

The Benefits of Joining WordsRated

1. Dive into the World of Bestsellers

Joining WordsRated means you get to explore the captivating worlds created by renowned authors. It’s a literary adventure like no other.

2. Get Paid for Your Passion

Imagine getting paid $200 for every book you read and analyze. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a lucrative opportunity.

3. Sharpen Your Analytical Skills

Analyzing characters and plots in detail hones your analytical abilities, a valuable skill in various aspects of life.

4. Contribute to Literary Understanding

Your work helps researchers and enthusiasts gain deeper insights into the magic of bestselling books.

How to Join WordsRated

If you’re excited about the prospect of becoming a WordsRated all-star, here’s how you can join:

  1. Application: Visit the WordsRated website and fill out the application form. Express your passion for books and your willingness to immerse yourself in their pages.
  2. Selection: The WordsRated team carefully reviews applications and selects the most passionate and dedicated readers.
  3. Training: Once selected, you’ll receive training on how to collect and document character and plot details effectively.
  4. Book Assignments: You’ll be assigned books from the NYT bestseller list, and it’s your chance to shine.
  5. Data Submission: After completing a book, submit your findings to WordsRated, and the $200 reward is yours.


A research company called WordsRated is on a mission to uncover the secrets of NYT bestsellers, and they need passionate individuals like you to join their team. This unique opportunity not only allows you to dive into the enchanting world of bestselling books but also rewards you generously for your efforts.

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