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E Shram Card Registration Online: The Ministry of Labor and Employment has launched an e-shram portal where all of the worker’s information, including account numbers, is kept secure and the third installment is credited into the beneficiary account under E-shram card registration.

For the purpose of registering employees in India’s unorganized sector, the Indian government has opened the online portal e-Shram. In order to help low-wage workers, the government has launched a new program known as e Shram card. Through this program, workers in the unorganized sector will gain access to free insurance and job opportunities.

If you want to learn more about E Shram Card Registration, e shram card apply online and e shram card update then keep reading.

E Shram Card Registration 2022 Details

Prime Minister of India SRI Narendra Modi introduced the E Shram Card Registration in 2021 as a beneficial public benefit program. Public accident coverage is offered through this card. The age range for registering for an E Shram Card is 16 to 59 years old, according to the official website.

The government would provide cash rewards to the citizens who register for the E shram card through the E-shram card portal. According to a statement from the government of Uttar Pradesh, every registered user of the Shram Portal will earn Rs. 1000 each month.

Initiative By (द्वारा पहल)Ministry of Labor and Employment, GOI
Scheme (योजना)E Shram Card
Launched (शुरू)26 august 2021
Helpline (हेल्पलाइन)14434
Benefit (फायदा)Pension at Age 60 and Accidental Injury Insurance
Documents Required (आवश्यक दस्तावेज़)Aadhar Card, Bank Account, Mobile Number, Pass Book
Amount of pension (पेंशन की राशि)1000 Rs. Per month
Official website (आधिकारिक वेबसाइट)www.register.eshram.gov.in
E Shram card registration

Eligibility for For e Shram Card

  • Must be citizens of India
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Working in the Un-organised sector
  • Should not be a taxpayer

Download e-Shram Card

Registration is free for everyone who meets the requirements to apply for this card. To download e Shram card, follow the instructions below where you will know how to apply for e shram card.

E Shram Card Apply Online

  • Go to the official website of e-shram to apply online.
  • On the homepage of the website, click on the link “Register on E- Shram”.
  • Now open the self-registration page.
  • Enter the required details such as email ID and others.
  • Complete the process and don’t forget the password.
  • Now login into your e shram portal by entering your registered ID and password.
  • After login enters all the details in the application form.
  • Now you should have your documents scanned.
  • Upload all required scanned documents on the portal.
  • After uploading documents click on the submit button.
  • Save your application form and other login IDs for further use if any.

e Shram Card Update 2022

  • Visit the official website of E Shram.
  • On homepage you will see the option “Already registered”, click on this option.
  • After this will get the option to update your profile.
  • Now enter your mobile number link with your Adhaar card for OTP verification.
  • And now you will have to update your profile.
  • After the update submits your e-shram card update details.


Can I self register for e Shram card?
“Register on e-Shram” and you will be redirected to the “Self Registration” page. Enter your contact number linked with your Aadhar Card. Enter the captcha code and select the details mentioned.
How can I activate my Shram card?
To get started, go to eshram.gov.in, the official website. Now click the “Register on e-Shram” link on the portal’s home page. Your browser will open a new page. Enter your Aadhaar-linked mobile number, the captcha code, then choose the appropriate option before clicking “Send OTP.”
What is Eshram pension?
Beneficiaries are eligible to receive a minimum monthly guaranteed pension of Rs. 3000/- once they reach the age of 60. Spouse is entitled to a 50% monthly pension in the event of the beneficiary’s passing. If a husband and wife both enrol in the program, they are each eligible for a joint monthly pension of Rs. 6000.
What is e Shram card eligibility?
Any person employed by an unorganised company or in an unorganised industry. Workers should be between the ages of 16 and 59. A working mobile number should be connected to the Aadhaar card for employees.
How do I check my e Shram beneficiary status?
Use your device to access Eshram.gov.in. As soon as the E Aadhar Card Beneficiary Status Check link becomes available, click it. Your labour card number, UAN number, or Aadhar card number must then be entered. You can see your E Shram Payment Status 2022 after entering the portal.

One of the oldest and most significant departments of the Indian government is the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Protecting the interests of workers and the disadvantaged, underprivileged segments of society as a whole is this ministry’s primary duty. In order to increase output and productivity, this ministry also fosters a healthy work environment.

In India, a sizable portion of the population comprises workers in the unorganized economy. These people deal with numerous challenges on a daily basis. Seasonal employment is the main issue. In addition, none of these people have any plans for the future. As a result, when they get older, they face a lot of financial difficulties. The Indian government launched the E-Shram Card in response to these issues faced by workers.

The government accomplishes tasks like providing free or inexpensive food and financial aid by implementing numerous programs. The portal has also begun to introduce a number of initiatives to the public at the same time. E-Shram Card is one such gateway.

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