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Free Fire Advance Server APK – Download Latest 66.35.1

Get ahead of the game! Download Free Fire Advance Server and experience the battle royale’s future by downloading Free Fire Advance server for Android. It is a separate, dedicated server operated by Garena which gives a competitive edge to try out new weapons, characters, and maps in this exciting battle royale.

The Free Fire Advance Server is distributed as an Android Package Kit (APK) file since it’s not available on the Google Play Store. You’ll need an activation code from Garena to access the Advance Server. They open registration before each testing phase.

Download Free Fire Advance Server APK

Free fire advance server
NameFree Fire Advance Server
GenreBattle Royale
APK Size947 MB

How to Get a Registered Free Fire Advance Server?

The Free Fire Advance Server isn’t a members-only club; however, access is restricted. Here’s how it works:

  1. Registration: Garena only opens the registration phase for the Advance Server ahead of a significant update release. You’ll need to visit the official Free Fire Advance Server website ( and register using your Facebook account (which needs to be linked to your main Free Fire account).
  2. Activation Code: If selected, you’ll receive a one-time Activation Code that grants you access to download the special Advance Server APK. Spots are VERY limited!
  3. Download: Download the Advance Server client (a separate app from the main Free Fire game), use your Activation Code to log in, and start exploring.
Free fire advance server download apk

Features of Free Fire Advance Server

  • New Characters: Test unreleased characters and their unique abilities.
  • New Pets: Play with potential new pet companions and their skills.
  • New Weapons: Experiment with firepower not yet available on the main server.
  • New Maps or Map Changes: Explore fresh battlegrounds or modifications to existing maps
  • Game Mode Tweaks: Experience adjustments to existing game modes or try out entirely new ones.
  • Balance Changes: See how tweaks to character/weapon stats affect gameplay.
  • UI Improvements: Test changes to the game’s interface and menus.
  • Quality of Life Features: Get a look at smaller features that make the game smoother.

How to Play Free Fire Advance Server?

  1. Download the APK: From the official Free Fire Advance Server website, download the APK file for the Advance Server.
  2. Install: Install the downloaded APK on your Android device. You might need to enable “Install from unknown sources” in your device settings.
  3. Launch the App: Find the newly installed Free Fire Advance Server app and open it.
  4. Enter Activation Code: When prompted, enter the unique Activation Code you received from Garena.
  5. Play and Explore: You’re in! Start playing the Free Fire Advance Server, try out the new features, and keep an eye out for bugs or issues to report.


How can I get access to the Free Fire Advance Server?

You need to register on the official Advance Server website during open registration periods and hope to be selected. If chosen, you’ll receive an Activation Code to access the server.

Does my progress on the Advance Server carry over to my main account?

No, the Advance Server is completely separate. Your stats, items, and progress there won’t affect your main Free Fire account.

What is the Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code?

It’s a unique, one-time code that grants you access to download and play on the Advance Server. You can only get this code if you’re selected during the registration process.

Where can I find my Activation Code?

If you’ve been selected, the Activation Code is usually sent to you via email or through in-game mail on your main Free Fire account.

Do I need to re-download the entire APK with each update?

Sometimes smaller updates might happen within the app, but occasionally, larger updates might require you to download a new APK file.

Free Fire Advance Server APK

Download the Free Fire Advance Server APK for Android and get early access to the latest features of Free Fire game.

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game

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