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10 Amazing GameBoy Advance(GBA) ROM Hacks and Fan Made Games

If you’re a fan of the classic handheld console, you’re in for a treat. Today, we are going to learn about ten classic GBA ROM hacks and fan-made games that will take your gaming experience to new levels.

But first, let’s understand the GBA ROM hacks and fan-made games.

ROM hacks are modified versions of existing games that introduce new features, characters, storylines, and gameplay mechanics. They provide a fresh take on beloved classics, giving players an opportunity to rediscover their favorite games with a new twist.

On the other hand, fan-made games are original creations inspired by popular franchises, offering unique adventures and experiences.

Here are the 10 amazing GBA ROM hacks and fan-made games that are sure to reignite your love for the GameBoy Advance.

Pokemon Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash Gray

The title is self-explanatory. You have Ash Ketchum, and just like in other similar games, you’ll need to gather the gang and have some legendary battles.

Unlike other games, you’ll find some of the elements used in Pokemon movies too. There’s a bit of everything, a mix of every Pokemon release, be it a game or a movie.

The gameplay is quite varied. You can stick to the classic style and catch Pokemon just like Ash used to do in the series, but you can also create your own team, totally up to you.

Advance Wars R: Advance Wars Returns

Nearly two decades since its official release, this is one of the best strategy games you’ll ever play. Developers have managed to find a perfect balance between the advantages and disadvantages of your units, not to mention the gameplay.

The secret here is to adapt according to how the game evolves, so you may have to change your strategy quite a few times.

Battle scenes are nearly perfect. There’s lots of entertainment too, as well as beautiful visuals and a good storyline.

Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon Unbound stands out with its high degree of customization. You’ll join the world of Borrius, and you’ll face a bunch of quests straight away. There’s no time to mess about because there’s always something to do in this game.

There are lots of opportunities when it comes to creating characters and new ways to collect Pokemon. Furthermore, the audio in this game aims to make a difference. If you’re sick and tired of the old music, there are 180 new songs to enjoy here.

Pokémon Snakewood

This is by far one of the best Pokemon Ruby hacks out there. At first, it looks like any other Pokemon game. It starts in a charming and friendly atmosphere. But then, you have a horror spin that will give you chills.

Zombies are all over Hoenn. The invasion seems impossible to fight. Two characters are trying to find the source of this invasion in order to end it, but they end up missing. And that’s when the action begins.

To make it even better, developers have introduced a bunch of new Pokemon, as well as a few different evolutions for the creatures you may already be familiar with.

Even if some locations seem familiar, they have some dark twists that will change the whole experience.

Doom: PC Doom Total Conversion

This new version of Doom brings back some good old memories, but it also restores some of the initial settings. You’re probably familiar with Nintendo’s style to replace old-school red blood with gray or even green blood.

Well, this version of the game takes you back to the basics, and that’s not the only change you’ll notice. All the original levels have been recreated with a few twists, yet the textures are pretty much similar.

The sound has seen a serious improvement too, while the framerate is flawless.

Fire Emblem: Vision Quest

Vision Quest is probably the best Fire Emblem ROM Hack made, and for some obvious reasons. The game itself seems completely new for Fire Emblem fans, and many believe it should’ve been a standalone game.

There are 34 levels out there, and each of them is unique. The storyline has seen some improvements, too, so get ready for something new and exciting. Maps stand out, and believe it or not, there are 62 different players you can recruit. Once you enter a battle, there are millions of options.

Metroid: Spooky Mission

Spooky Mission is not the first remake or expansion of the original game. Each game had its own unique style, but Spooky Mission takes everything to another level. In fact, you’ll notice the dark humor straight away, one of the things that’s been missing from other releases.

From many points of view, Spooky Mission seems to be based on Zero Mission, but everything’s been redesigned in a spooky manner. Forests? Scarier than ever. Castles? Just as spooky!

As if all these were not enough, Metroid: Spooky Mission has a secret ending too, and it requires using a few clues to get there.

Final Fight One: Arcade Remix

Final Fight became a hit as soon as he first hit the arcades back in 1989. There was plenty of action and always a different combo to try. A newer version from 1990 failed to recreate the same experience, leading to a constant demand for improvement.

Arcade Remix brings back the original version but with some clear improvements. You have all the classic stages from the original version, but you can also play against others. You’ll love the colors, more vibrant than ever, as well as the music and small details in terms of characters.

Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia was released as the ultimate Pokemon game, so it had to come with something new for the audience. Tricks will draw some attention straight away. Exploration is super exciting and takes you from walls and hills to the bottom of the ocean.

Catching Pokemon is much easier in this version, but at the same time, you’re also exposed to more dangers.

The best part about it? Pokemon in this ROM hack have the capacity to evolve to incredible stages. As for the Pokemon variety, you’ll find little monsters from every Pokemon game out there, so there’s a bit of variety too.

Castlevania HOD: Revenge of the Findesiecle

The Castlevania madness started in Japan way before gaining popularity in the Western world. Introduced in 1986, it evolved and saw a few different versions coming out.

This ROM hack is by far the most attractive one. First, you’ll notice it’s based on Harmony of Dissonance. Second, you’ll see things that don’t always make sense because there’s plenty of new content.

Colors are brighter, you’ll notice new palettes, plenty of new music, and an impressive amount of playable characters. Even if it doesn’t always make sense, you can even play Mega Man, Mario or Simon Belmont. Things like these make ROM hacks stand out and bring some fresh air to old titles.

Final words

As we near the end of this journey of finding GBA ROM hacks and fan-made games, we can’t help but be amazed by the imagination and hard work of the Pokemon fans who have created these.

This world of GBA ROM hacks and fan-made games is full of excitement and inspiration. Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing games for a long time, find one of the above games from the list and start playing today.

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