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How to Create a New Clash of Clans Account?

Create new Clash of Clans accounts and switch between them seamlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned player wanting another base to experiment with or a brand-new recruit, creating a new account is a simple process.

Why Would You Want a New Clash of Clans Account?

  • Fresh start: Maybe your old village is a bit rushed, or you want to try different strategies from the beginning.
  • Multiple accounts: Serious players often manage several accounts for strategic advantages and to participate in multiple clans.
  • Experimentation: A new account gives you the freedom to test troop combinations and base designs without affecting your main village.
  • Donating to yourself: Use your secondary account to donate specific troops to your main village.

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Create New Clash of Clans Account

Creating a New Account

  1. Utilize Supercell ID: The easiest way to manage multiple Clash of Clans accounts is through Supercell ID. It’s a free service offered by Supercell (the developers of the game).
  2. In-Game Settings:
    • Open your current Clash of Clans game.
    • Go to the Settings menu (the gear icon).
    • Under “Supercell ID,” tap the “Disconnected” button.
    • Select “Register New” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Email Verification: You’ll need to provide a valid email address which Supercell will send a verification code. Enter that code when prompted.
  4. Follow the Tutorial: Your new account will begin with a guided tutorial. This is a great chance to refamiliarize yourself with the basics or to learn new things you might have missed the first time around.

Important Points:

  • One Supercell ID, Multiple Accounts: A single Supercell ID can link to multiple Clash of Clans accounts (and other Supercell games too).
  • Switching Accounts: Once you’ve linked multiple accounts to Supercell ID, switching is easy. Go to Settings, locate Supercell ID, tap “Log Out,” and confirm. You can then log in with a different account.
  • No Data Transfer: Each Clash of Clans account is independent. You can’t transfer progress, troops, or resources from one account to another.

Tips for Your New Adventure

  • Plan: Consider what you want to achieve with your new account. Are you focused on rushing, strategic warring, or just fun?
  • Learn from mistakes: If your old account didn’t go perfectly, use your new one to implement the things you wished you’d known.
  • Join a clan: A good clan offers support, advice, and friendly challenges.
  • Don’t rush: Focus on upgrading defenses and troops before your Town Hall.

Get Clashing!

Now that you’ve got a fresh Clash of Clans account, it’s time to build an epic village, join a clan, and wreak some havoc across the multiplayer arenas.


Q: Can I have multiple Clash of Clans accounts on one device?

A: Yes! Supercell ID makes managing multiple accounts on a single device very convenient.

Q: How many accounts can I link to one Supercell ID?

A: There’s no hard limit, but you may find it difficult to manage more than a few accounts effectively.

Q: Is it against the rules to have multiple Clash of Clans accounts?

A: No, it’s perfectly fine to have multiple accounts as long as you play them fairly and don’t use bots or cheats.

Q: Can I sell my extra Clash of Clans account?

A: No, selling accounts is against Supercell’s Terms of Service and can lead to your accounts being banned.

Q: I forgot the password to my Supercell ID. How can I recover my accounts?

A: Visit the Supercell Support website ( and follow the account recovery instructions.

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