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How to Get Siege Machine Clash of Clans

Siege Machine, is a powerful war machine that can turn the tides of battle in your favor. It is a game-changer because it can break through walls, distract defenses, and even deploy troops inside enemy bases. With its immense power and versatility, it can be the key to overwhelming your opponents and securing victory in even the toughest battles.

You can deploy powerful troops, such as the Archer Queen or the Grand Warden, directly into the heart of the enemy base, catching your opponents off guard and creating chaos from within.

Get Siege Machine Clash of Clans

Unlocking the Siege Machine

To unlock the Siege Machine, you must first upgrade your Town Hall to level 12 and then build the Workshop. The Town Hall upgrade to level 12 is a significant milestone in Clash of Clans, and it unlocks several new features and units, including the Workshop.

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Once the Workshop is constructed, you can start building and upgrading your own Siege Machines. The Workshop is where you can customize and equip your Siege Machines with different abilities, making them even more effective in battle.

Unlocking the Siege Machine requires time and resources, but it’s worth the investment. The power it brings to your arsenal can be a game-changer in your Clash of Clans journey.

Building and upgrading the Siege Workshop

Building the Siege Workshop is a straightforward process. Once your Town Hall is upgraded to level 12, you can find the Siege Workshop in your building menu. Simply select the Workshop and place it in your village. It will take some time to construct, so be patient.

Once the Workshop is built, you can begin upgrading it. Upgrading the Workshop enhances the capabilities of your Siege Machines, allowing them to withstand more damage and deal more destruction. Investing in Workshop upgrades should be a priority to maximize the potential of your Siege Machines.

Types of Siege Machines and their abilities

The Siege Machine comes in several different types, each with its unique abilities and purposes. Understanding these types and their capabilities is essential to effectively use the Siege Machine in battle.

unlock Siege Machine in coc

1. Wall Wrecker: The Wall Wrecker is designed to break through walls with ease. It can withstand a significant amount of damage while demolishing multiple layers of walls, creating a path for your troops to march through.

2. Battle Blimp: The Battle Blimp is an aerial Siege Machine that drops bombs from above. It can bypass walls and defenses, allowing your troops to access the core of the enemy base quickly. The Battle Blimp is perfect for taking out high-value targets, such as the enemy’s Town Hall or Clan Castle.

3. Stone Slammer: The Stone Slammer is a Siege Machine that hurls giant rocks at the enemy’s defenses. These rocks deal massive damage to buildings, making the Stone Slammer ideal for weakening defenses before your main troops enter the battle. It can also drop a group of Balloons upon destruction, providing additional air support.

4. Siege Barracks: The Siege Barracks is a unique Siege Machine that not only breaks through walls but also deploys troops inside the enemy base. This allows you to launch a surprise attack from within, catching your opponents off guard and overwhelming them with a combination of ground troops and the Siege Barracks’ troops.

Mastering the Siege Machine in Clan Wars

Clan Wars are the ultimate test of your Clash of Clans skills, and mastering the Siege Machine is essential for success in these intense battles.

1. Scout enemy bases: Before launching your attack, scout the enemy bases to gather information. Identify potential weaknesses and plan your attack accordingly. Understanding the layout of the base will help you determine the best approach for deploying your Siege Machines.

2. Coordinate with your clan: In Clan Wars, teamwork is crucial. Coordinate with your clanmates and plan your attacks together. Discuss strategies and assign roles to ensure that the Siege Machines are used effectively and in sync with the rest of the attack.

3. Choose the right Siege Machine: Different bases may require different types of Siege Machines. Assess the enemy base and choose the Siege Machine that will be most effective in breaking through defenses and supporting your troops.

4. Time your deployment: Timing is everything in Clan Wars. Deploy your Siege Machines at the right moment to create maximum impact. Coordinate with your clanmates and synchronize your attacks for maximum efficiency.


The Siege Machine is a game-changer in Clash of Clans. Its ability to break through walls, distract defenses, and deploy troops inside enemy bases can turn the tide of battle in your favor. By following this step-by-step guide, you can unlock and master the Siege Machine, taking your gameplay to new heights. Remember to coordinate with your clan, plan your attacks strategically, and continuously upgrade your Siege Machines to stay ahead of the competition.

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