How to Recover Clash of Clans Account: 3 Proven Ways

Lost access to your Clash of Clans account? Here’s how to recover Clash of Clans account with proven recovery methods. Whether you used Supercell ID, Google Play, or Game Center, or need to contact support, we’ll guide you through the process to restore your CoC account.

3 Proven Ways to Get Your Account Back

Before you begin, it’s important to know how you originally connected your Clash of Clans account. Here are the usual scenarios:

How to Recover Clash of Clans Account

1. Use Supercell ID to Recover Clash of Clans Account:

  • This is the most convenient way. Supercell ID lets you play all Supercell games (like Brawl Stars and Clash Royale) using one email address.
  • To recover your account:
    1. Install Clash of Clans on your device.
    2. Complete the initial tutorial.
    3. Go to in-game Settings.
    4. Find the “Supercell ID” section, usually marked as “Disconnected”.
    5. Tap “Login”.
    6. Enter your Supercell ID email address and hit “Continue”.
    7. Grab the verification code from your email and enter it into the game.

2. You Used Google Play (Android) or Game Center (iOS):

  • If you connected your game to your device’s account, the process is a bit different but you can recover clash of clans account:
    1. Install Clash of Clans.
    2. Complete the tutorial.
    3. Find the “Help and Support” section in Settings.
    4. Choose “Account”, then “Recover Your Account”.
    5. Select “I Lost My Account”.
    6. Indicate if it was connected to Google Play or Game Center.
    7. Follow the directions to sign in to your device’s account.

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3. You Didn’t Use Any of the Above: It’s Time to Contact Supercell

  • This is your best option if neither Supercell ID nor your device’s account is linked.
  • Here’s how to reach Supercell support:
    1. Open Clash of Clans
    2. Go to Settings -> “Help and Support“.
    3. Find “Contact Us” (often a blue message icon).
    4. Pick “I Lost My Account”.
    5. Be ready to provide these details to verify ownership:
      • Your exact in-game name
      • Your clan name (if you had one)
      • The level of your Town Hall
      • How do you think you lost the account?
      • Proof of in-game purchases (if you have any)

Keep Your Account Safe: Prevention is Key

  • Link to Supercell ID: It’s the simplest backup method to recover Clash of Clans account.
  • Link to Google Play/Game Center: It adds an extra safety layer.
  • Write down your login info: A physical notebook kept safe is a good, old-fashioned backup method.


Q: I forgot my Supercell ID email/password. How do I get my account back?

A: If you have access to the associated email, try resetting your password on the Supercell ID website. If you no longer have access to the email, contact Supercell support with as much detail as possible about your old village to try and prove ownership.

Q: I switched to a new device. How do I transfer my Clash of Clans village?

A: The easiest way is with Supercell ID. Make sure your old village is linked to a Supercell ID. Then, on your new device, install Clash of Clans, go to Settings, tap “Supercell ID”, and log in with the same email address.

Q: I used Google Play/Game Center, but I can’t restore my village. What do I do?

A: Double-check that you’re signed into the correct Google/Game Center account on your device. If that doesn’t work, contact Supercell support, providing your old username, clan name (if applicable), and Town Hall level.

Q: I got a new phone number, and now I can’t access my Supercell ID. Help!

A: You’ll need to contact Supercell support. Explain your situation and provide proof of account ownership (like your old username, in-game purchase receipts, etc.) They may be able to help you update your Supercell ID information.

Q: I haven’t played in years. Can I still get my old account back?

A: Potentially! The methods are the same. If you used a Supercell ID or linked it to a Google/Game Center account, try those. Otherwise, contact Supercell support. The more details you can remember about your old village, the better your chances of recovery.

Q: It’s taking forever to hear back from Supercell support. What can I do?

A: Supercell receives many support requests. Be patient, but if it’s been several days, you can politely follow up on your original support ticket within the game. Avoid sending multiple new requests, as that can slow down the process.

Q: Someone else is using my old account! How do I get it back?

A: This is a serious situation. Contact Supercell support immediately. Provide as much evidence as possible to prove you’re the original owner of the account.

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