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Clash of Clans: The Best Way to Upgrade Your Troops

New to Clash of Clans? This guide covers the basics of upgrading troops and offers advice on which troops to prioritize. Upgrading troops is a critical aspect of improving your army, increasing both their offensive and defensive powers. A well-upgraded troop can be the difference between a devastating victory and a crushing defeat.

Why Upgrade Troops?

There are several compelling reasons why upgrading troops in Clash of Clans is essential:

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  • Increased damage: Upgraded troops deal more damage per attack, taking down structures and enemy units faster.
  • Improved durability: They get a boost to their hit points, giving them the edge to survive longer in battles.
  • New abilities: Some troops acquire special skills at certain upgrade levels, unlocking new attack strategies.
  • Overall progress: A powerful army with high-level troops is key to tackling challenging battles and climbing the leaderboards.

The Laboratory: Your Key to Upgrading Troops

  1. Town Hall Level 3: Once you reach this level, you can build your Laboratory.
  2. Elixir or Dark Elixir: This is the in-game currency required to fund troop upgrades.
  3. Available Builder: A free builder is needed to initiate an upgrade.
How to upgrade troops in clash of clans

Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Troops

  1. Build your Laboratory: Find it under the ‘Shop’ menu and place it within your base.
  2. Tap the Laboratory: This will open a menu of available troop and spell upgrades.
  3. Select the Troop: Select the troop you want to enhance. Note that Laboratory levels limit what troops you can upgrade.
  4. Start the Research: If you have enough resources and a free builder, tap the ‘Research’ button to begin the upgrade.
  5. Wait for Completion: Each upgrade has a completion time. You can use in-game items like the Book of Fighting to instantly finish an upgrade.

Important Note: You cannot upgrade troops currently in use in your army camps. Make sure you have enough backup troops available before starting upgrades.

Optimizing the Upgrade Process

  • Builder Prioritization: Use one or two builders exclusively for Laboratory upgrades to keep the process flowing steadily.
  • Town Hall Upgrades: Upgrade your Town Hall to access higher Laboratory levels, unlocking higher levels of troop upgrades.
  • Resource Management: Ensure a steady flow of elixir and dark elixir through raids, collectors, and mines.
  • Clan Donations: High-level clan members can donate powerful troops, which can give you an edge while your upgrades are underway.

Troop Upgrade Priorities

  1. Farming Troops: Focus on troops that aid in efficient resource farming, such as Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins.
  2. Primary War Army Composition: Invest in upgrading the units that form the core of your most-used attack strategies.
  3. Versatile Troops: Upgrade troops that are usable in various attack strategies, like Wizards, Balloons, or P.E.K.K.As.
  4. Situational Troops: Leave troops with limited or niche use cases for later stages of upgrading.


Upgrading your troops is a fundamental aspect of progressing in Clash of Clans. It will give you a strong edge in both raiding and wars. With a solid understanding of the upgrade system and smart prioritization, you’ll transform your army into a formidable force that can stand its ground in any battle!

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