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Ludo Strategies for Beginners: A How-to Guide

how to play Ludo

Ludo is not only a game of luck but a game based on strategy and skill. It is a classic board
game that has given company to people of all ages. A childhood classic, the game has also
become a trend across online gaming platforms.

Ludo is a fun, lightweight, and entertaining game that you can enjoy with two to four players.
Online gaming apps connect players with real-life opponents worldwide, creating a time-
based, competitive environment. Several of these apps also offer real cash rewards and

Although it is impossible not to have ever heard of this game, you might have never played
it. Are you excited to start your Ludo journey? These beginner-friendly strategies will help
refine your gameplay right off the bat so you can impress your opponents and win lucrative

● Familiarize yourself with the basics

Learning and memorizing strategies will not be of any use if you don’t know the game’s
rules. Hence, start from the basics and then work through the strategies and tricks to
improve your Ludo gameplay.

Having a solid understanding of the rules is the first step to learning how to play Ludo.
Reading about the game’s rules will help you understand how the dice are rolled, how the
tokens move on the board, what safe zones are, and the aim of the game.

Online Ludo games might be slightly different from the traditional games played over a
physical board. Some apps introduce fun twists, such as playing with three tokens instead of
four, using numbers instead of tokens, etc.

A strong grasp of the fundamentals will help in forming solid strategies and plans during the
game. It will also make you adaptable to quick changes.

● Open all the tokens at the earliest

Getting all the tokens or coins out of the starting point is one of the simplest tricks you must
follow. There are instances where new players are found to focus on a single token. But if
that piece reaches the finish line, there’s no other option but to wait for rolling a six to get
back in the game.

Do not make this mistake, especially if it is a timed game. If all your tokens are out of the
starting point, you will have options and never be out of the game.

● Prioritize scoring the highest

If you are a newbie, don’t make the game complicated. Ludo involves several components,
including taking the tokens to the home base, capturing the opponent’s tokens, and creating
obstacles to impede the progress of the opponents.

But if this is your first time playing the game and you are still learning the ropes, focus on
scoring the highest. So, focus on taking all your tokens to the home base before anyone
else. To do this, you must also bring out your tokens as early as possible so they can be
moved comfortably.

● Spread the tokens across the board

In the initial stages of playing Ludo, spreading the tokens across the board is recommended.
This is going to stop your opponents from targeting a single token. You can gain flexibility
with a dispersed setup, and this will minimize the impact of your opponent’s moves.

● Utilize the safe zones

To give you breathing room during intense matches, several safe zones are spread across
the board. These zones offer temporary safety so you can plan your next moves.
Safe zones can be utilized to plan attacks, regroup or avoid unnecessary risks.

● Try and minimize interactions with opponents

If possible, avoid direct clashes with your opponent’s tokens. Take the longer route if it
means reaching the home base safely and without engaging in risky confrontations.
Minimizing such risky interactions can decrease the chances of your tokens getting sent
back to the starting point.

● Plan the escape route

Planning the escape route beforehand is another essential strategy you must learn to
improve your Ludo gameplay. Whether you capture your opponent’s tokens or create
obstacles, it must be done after you have plotted your escape plan.

Having a solid escape plan means your tokens must be at least seven spaces away from the
opponent’s coins. Of course, your opponent can still capture your token, but the probability is

● Stay safe when you are closer to home

It is always exhilarating to capture opponents’ tokens. But it is most important to remain safe
and stay in the game for as long as possible. In time-based games, aggressively attacking
the opponent doesn’t guarantee a clear win. However, it will win you bonus points.
But if you are closer home, there’s no need to take risks. Focus on taking the token to the
home base.

● Keep your emotions under check

With so many highs and lows during the game, Ludo can be an emotional game. Hence, one
of the strategies is to remain calm and composed. It would help if you did not make any
moves impulsively, driven by excitement or frustration. All your moves must be thoughtful
and planned.


Incorporate these beginner-friendly strategies while playing Ludo to augment your gameplay
and winning chances. It will take some time and patience to master the game. Play as many
practice matches as possible before engaging in competitive gameplay.
So, start by learning the rules and then experiment with different strategies to find your
footing in the Ludo gaming community.

Do you have more beginner-friendly tricks and tips to share? Leave a comment below.

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