Royal WhatsApp APK Download – Latest Version 2022

Download Royal WhatsApp latest version which has updation in emojis. Royal WhatsApp is like FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, not much different from them but still has a lot more than the original WhatsApp. In a world full of social media, we all want more and more latest functionalities. So, developers try to enhance the media apps so viewers can enjoy using the app without getting bored. Whatsapp is one of the best app used to stay connected with friends and family.

Many latest mods of Whatsapp have been developed, that provide many latest features which the original app lacked. Royal WhatsApp is also the latest developed mod of the original one, which gives you a ton of the latest features like status downloading, privacy options, etc.

Royal WhatsApp Version Info

  • App size is 22.2 Mb
  • Android version is 5.3 or above
  • Version 5.50
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Royal WhatsApp Features

This updated mod has many features for you that are not provided by the original app. Here are some of its listed features.

Hidden ticks

In Royal WhatsApp, there is an opportunity that you can hide double ticks, and double blue ticks while receiving and viewing messages. This feature doesn’t let others know that you have read the messages.

Privacy options

The privacy options are better in this version. You can remain private by hiding ticks, bubbles, and seen status. Moreover, you can set different levels of privacy in group chats and for specific contacts. You can also lock your app with a password.

Increased characters limit

The original App only allows you 144 characters for status. But Royal WhatsApp allows you more than 255 characters. This way, you can express a little more than usual.


New emojis are added to the choice. And you have the option to clear out recent emojis. With the latest emoji collection, you can express your feelings without saying.

Ability to store WhatsApp data

Other versions of WhatsApp do not have the function of backup data. But this version allows you to back up your data in case if you lost it or delete it by mistake.

Message options

The original App does not allow you to send a message to a number, which is not in your contacts. But this version lets you do that and send messages without saving the contact.

File transfer

Royal WhatsApp allows you to send any type of image, video, files, document. You can also send heavy files even with images, videos up to more limit.


Firstly, allow the downloads from the “unknown sources”  through settings. Then, download the apk file of royal WhatsApp from google. Then click on the download file and install it. Now start using the app by making your account in it.


This is also the best mod of WhatsApp available. That provides you with magnificent features which the original app lacked. Royal WhatsApp is very much similar to FM and GB WhatsApp, but more modified than the original one. Its all promising features are discussed.

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