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Tekken Tag APK Download 2023 | Tournament Version

In this article, we shall be shedding some light on the history, features, and exciting stuff in Tekken Tag for Android. As all the entries of the Tekken tag game series have dominated the world of gaming, this particular sequel has especially left a permanent mark in the realm of both online and offline gaming.

All the gamers and netizens are aware that the Tekken series is one of the best gaming series ever launched in the gaming world.

Tekken Tag App Info

App Name Tekken Tag APK Download
Application Size 96.5 MB
Version v 1.0
Android Android 4.3 and above
Developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

With immersive gameplay and intense moves, Tekken has ruled all the gaming platforms. Owing to this reason, every sequel that is released by the developers of Tekken is profoundly loved by veteran gamers.

Game Play of Tekken Tag For Android

The Tekken tag features similar gameplay as that of its predecessor, Tekken 3. The special edition in this particular sequel is the ability to switch characters while in combat. Tekken Tag features a match between two teams of two characters each. The player can tag in the resting character to make a bigger combo. The tag can also be done to regain the lost health of the fighting character.

tekken tag android

When the health of the resting character flashes, it must be tagged in to give a temporary health boost. In this way, a strategy is required to know when to tag in the other character. In case of time out, the team with the accumulative health of both the characters wins the match. All these features are the same as in Tekken Tag Android for mobile users to enjoy.

Features of Tekken Tag For Android: 

Tekken Tag for Android unraveled exciting new features, some were the same as Tekken 2 and Tekken 3, but some were completely off the book and mind-boggling. Some of them are listed below.

  • 1 V/S 2

Veteran gamers who are die-hard fans of the Tekken franchise love this feature. This mode allows one player to fight against a team of two. In this mode, the fighting experience is intense, and your adrenaline rush increases beyond the realm of description.

  • Tagging Partner

In this mode, users can play in teams of two characters each and can tag the resting character at any time during the match. This particular feature of Tekken Tag for Android has been described in full length earlier in this article.

  • Hidden Combos

Particular pairs of characters can execute secret combos when paired perfectly. Doing so can impart heavy damage to the opponent team. Such secret combos can be pair of characters such as Nina-Jin, Law-Paul, Eddy/Christie, and many others fall in this list. All the features mentioned above are available in the Tekken tag for Android.


The Tekken Tag was initially released for arcades in the year 1999 and is placed at the fourth number in the Tekken fighting series. Later on, Tekken Tag for android became widely available due to its mind-boggling success in arcades all across the globe. The sequel of Tekken Tag was later released in the year 2011. The developer as well as the publisher of the game is Namco. It was also released for Play Station in the year 2011.

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