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Town of Salem 2 Codes | Redeem Codes

In Town of Salem 2 codes are special text strings that provide many in-game benefits. Get free Town of Salem 2 codes for cosmetics, exclusive items, and discounts.

If you’re a fan of the online social deduction hit Town of Salem 2, you’ll be thrilled to know its standalone sequel, Town of Salem 2, features a code system for rewards and cross-promotion.

Town of Salem 2 Codes

Don’t miss out! Redeem codes expire, so make sure to use them quickly. We keep this page updated with the freshest valid codes for the game, making it your one-stop shop for rewards.

Town of Salem 2 Code

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How to Redeem Codes

Got a code in your hands? It’s time to claim your prize. Here’s how to redeem your code in Town of Salem 2:

  • Launch the game: Start up Town of Salem 2.
  • The Shop: Click the “Shop” button in the main menu.
  • “Redeem Code” tab: Select the “Redeem Code” tab within the shop window.
  • Input: Carefully type in your code. Be alert for typos!
  • Enjoy your rewards: Click “Redeem,” and if the code is valid, your new goodies will automatically appear in your inventory.

Where to Find “Town of Salem 2” Code?

  • Official Social Media: Check the game’s official Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. Follow these channels for updates on giveaways and new code releases.
  • Content Creators: Follow your favorite streamers and YouTubers who play Town of Salem 2. They might have Creator Codes to share with their communities.
  • Fan Sites and Communities: Dedicated Town of Salem 2 websites and online communities often share code updates and discussions. Search online and see what you find.
town of salem 2 redeem code

Engaging in communities like Reddit or fan forums can keep you in the loop about new codes and potential giveaways.

Types of Codes

  • Special Event & Promotional Codes: Blank Media Games, the developers, occasionally partner with content creators, run community contests, or release time-limited codes tied to specific events.
  • Creator Codes: Selected content creators, YouTubers, and streamers have their own unique Creator Codes. Using their code earns them a portion of the sales if you buy Town Points (the in-game currency).
  • Referral Codes: Players with the premium version of the game may receive referral codes. If someone buys the game using your unique referral code, you get a sweet reward.

Stuff you might score with a code:

  • Avatars: Change up your look with new character designs.
  • Houses: Give your in-game abode a fresh coat of paint or a complete makeover.
  • Maps: Play in a new, visually distinct environment.
  • Pets: Loyal and suspiciously cute companions.
  • Death Animations: Spruce up your character’s dramatic demise.
  • Theme Packs: Bundle deals with multiple cosmetic items.

Some codes may be single-use, while others can be redeemed by a limited number of players. Also, be careful about the potential expiration dates of codes. Be wary of websites claiming to have lists of “always active” Town of Salem 2 codes.

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