How to Play Town of Salem 2 ? Here’s How

“Town of Salem 2”, the wildly popular online social deduction game? Learn how to play Town of Salem 2 and manipulate your foes in this thrilling game of deception. Whether you’re a fan of Mafia, or Werewolf, or enjoy games of strategy and manipulation.

If you are a town member then you have to track the mafia and if you are a serial killer then you have to kill town members secretly and try to avoid getting caught.

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How to Play Town of Salem 2 Online?

  1. Choose Your Mode: “Town of Salem 2” has different gameplay modes. Here’s a quick overview:
    • Classic: The core experience, is best for understanding the basic flow of the game.
    • Ranked: Competitive mode where your skill level and wins matter.
    • Coven: An expansion pack with new roles and mechanics, recommended for experienced players.
    • Custom: Allows you to create your own role sets and rules.
  2. Join a Game: Once you pick a mode, you’ll join a game of 7-15 players.
  3. Assigned a Role: You’ll be randomly assigned a role with an alignment (Town, Mafia, Neutral, etc.) and unique abilities. Keep your role secret!
  4. Day Phase:
    • The town discusses who to suspect
    • People share clues, accusations, and hunches.
    • Players vote to put someone on trial.
    • The person on trial defends themselves.
    • Town votes on guilt. If guilty, the accused is executed.
  5. Night Phase:
    • Mafia: Chooses someone to kill.
    • Serial Killer: Picks a target.
    • Doctor: Can choose someone to heal (protect them from attacks).
    • Investigator: Can investigate a single player to get a clue about their role.
    • Other roles use their unique abilities, depending on what they have.
  6. The Cycle Continues: The game progresses through day and night cycles. People die, new information surfaces, and the alignments battle until one faction achieves its win condition.

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Town of Salem

Town of Salem 2 Browser

“Town of Salem 2” offers a convenient way to play directly in your web browser. This eliminates the need for downloads and installations, making it easy to jump into a game from practically any device.

How to Play the Browser Version

  • Visit the Website: Go to the official BlankMediaGames website:
  • Create an Account (if you don’t have one): Click on the “Register” button and follow the simple instructions.
  • Log In: Once you have an account, log in to the game.
  • Choose Your Mode: Select your preferred game mode (Classic, Ranked, etc.)

What is the Town of Salem 2?

Imagine a virtual version of popular party games like Mafia or Werewolf, taken to the next level. In “Town of Salem 2”, you are randomly assigned a role within a group of 7 to 15 players. These roles fall into distinct alignments:

  • Town: The good guys. Their goal is to root out and eliminate the evildoers.
  • Mafia: The bad guys. They secretly plot to murder Townsfolk under the cover of night.
  • Neutrals: Roles with unique objectives – some want to survive, some have a vendetta, others crave chaos.
  • Serial Killers, Arsonists: Dangerous, solitary figures with their win conditions.


Is “Town of Salem 2” free to play? Yes, the base version of “Town of Salem 2” is free to play. You can purchase additional cosmetic items, in-game currency, and the Coven expansion for more roles and features.

Does the game have a single-player mode? There’s no traditional single-player campaign. However, you can practice against AI opponents to learn the basics of different roles.

Is there a voice chat feature in “Town of Salem”? No, “Town of Salem” relies on text-based communication. This helps maintain balance and prevents players from being instantly identified based on their voice.

Can I play “Town of Salem” on my mobile device? Yes, “Town of Salem” is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I deal with toxic players or rulebreakers? “Town of Salem” has a built-in reporting system. Use it to report players who are being disruptive, abusive, or breaking the rules.

Is there a minimum age requirement to play? While there’s no strict age requirement, “Town of Salem” involves themes of deception, murder, and potential mature discussions. Player discretion is advised.

Is the browser version the same as the Steam or mobile versions? While all versions share the same core gameplay, there might be slight differences in the interface or available features.

Where can I connect with the “Town of Salem ” community? Join the active “Town of Salem” community on platforms like the game’s subreddit, Discord servers, and official forums for discussions, tips, and finding other players.

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