GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version (Official Anti-Ban 2022)


GBWhatsapp – the popular WhatsApp mod apk that helps you stay anonymous. Free download gbwhatsapp apk latest anti-ban version for android devices. This is the new modified application of the popular WhatsApp messenger that comes with all the features that the original app doesn’t have. There are plenty of functions to be had with GBWhatsApp APK, a modded version of WhatsApp that allows you to send media of all kinds.

Just like the simple WhatsApp, GBWhatsapp is also an instant messenger but with additional features that are getting widely popular among Android users nowadays. However, it’s not the same as the original messenger despite offering all the basic features of the original app. Actually, it’s a WhatsApp mod that comes with enhanced functionality built around what the original app has to offer.

GBWhatsapp APK

The idea is to make the experience more user-friendly and allow WhatsApp users to enjoy using features that they have always missed in their beloved messenger app. For instance, you can use WhatsApp to send text messages, videos, images, and documents but there is a certain limit on file size and you can’t transfer anything bigger than the allowed size using the original WhatsApp messenger. Now, if you use GB WhatsApp, you can lift all those limits or, at least, increase them significantly.

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GBWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version

GB WhatsApp APK Download

APK Name GBWhatsapp APK
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Action/Adventure
Language English and More…
Author Gb_Official
Root Not Required
Update September 2022
Version 9.5.10

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How To Install and Update GBWhatsApp APK?

As mentioned above, it is pretty straightforward to install the modified version of WhatsApp. Once you have download GBWhatsApp apk latest version, follow the below steps to install it on your device. Remember, you don’t need to root your device for installing this mod apk. Let’s check out the steps you need to follow.

  1. First of all, go to your device’s Settings.
  2. Open Security Settings and allow Unknown Sources. Depending on your device, you may find the option somewhere else in Settings.
  3. Install the GB WhatsApp apk you downloaded earlier.
  4. The installation will continue, and once it’s completed just launch the app and register your contact number.
  5. An OTP will be sent to your number for confirmation.
  6. Confirm your mobile number by entering the OTP in the designated space and hitting submit.
  7. GB WhatsApp can now be used will all its latest features.
  8. When you want to update it then you should take a backup of your old WhatsApp and then Install the new version and restore the backup.

That’s it! If you want a truly rejuvenated WhatsApp experience, go get GB WhatsApp’s updated new version now and start using your favorite messenger like never before. Connect with your loved ones and share some great moments together!

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GBWhatsApp Update 2022

Besides, you can go for a GBWhatsApp update download if you want to use two numbers with your WhatsApp messenger, and that too on a single smartphone. Yeah, sounds crazy! But that’s how it goes. And, that’s only the beginning because there is a long list of some amazing features that are yet to be explored. And with the GB WhatsApp new version, you can double up the list of these great features for sure.

GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban

Get GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban latest version compatible with all android devices, updated to the latest base, with too many amazing and exciting features. GBWhatsApp anti-ban update version is safe and secure to download and install. It has much better functions. You won’t need to uninstall WhatsApp if you want to install the GBwhatsapp apk anti-ban version but be more careful when using both on the same device.

Features Of GBWhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, GB WhatsApp offers quite a lot of new features that weren’t present in the original WhatsApp messenger. For getting access to all these great new features, you just have to perform a GB WhatsApp download and start using it on your Android device. To acquaint you further with this trending mod apk, let’s get into the details of what specific features are on offer. Just compare these with all the features of the original app and see how WhatsApp has gotten better with the introduction of GB WhatsApp. So, let’s check out.

  1. Inbuilt DND Feature: This cool feature of the GB WhatsApp new version allows you to disable your data connection for WhatsApp only. So, you can enjoy using data for all other apps without any interruption except WhatsApp.
  2. Delete Multiple Messages: The new WhatsApp mod allows you to receive as well as delete several messages in one go.
  3. Inbuilt Message Scheduler: The message scheduler feature of the new GB WhatsApp allows you to schedule messages to be sent at your desired time as required.
  4. Status Privacy: You can choose to keep your status private and make sure that others don’t get to see it – something that wasn’t possible with the official WhatsApp.
  5. New Emojis: The new WhatsApp mod comes with a lot of new emoji characters and it allows you to express your feelings better via WhatsApp messages.
  6. Broadcasting: The broadcasting limit has now become 600 people.
  7. Video Limit: You can now send videos as big as 50 MB in size.
  8. Images Limit: This new WhatsApp mod can be used for sending up to 90 pictures at a time. Originally, you were allowed to send only 10 of them together. So, it has become nine times greater now in comparison to the original WhatsApp.
  9. Languages: With GB WhatsApp, you can now access the popular WhatsApp messenger in more than a hundred languages.
  10. App Lock: The app lock feature allows users to set a unique password to their messenger for increased privacy.
  11. Bubble Patterns: The GB WhatsApp new version offers all new patterns for text bubbles as well.

GBWhatsApp Latest Version Privacy Features

Along with all the features described above, the GB WhatsApp has some unique privacy features associated with it as well. Here is a list of all these wonderful features.

  1. Hide Online Status: Yes, it’s you who decides whether others should know if you’re online or not. Unless you decide otherwise, everyone would know that you’re offline.
  2. Hide Blue Ticks: In WhatsApp, blue ticks show the receiver has read the messages. But if you don’t want others to know whether you’ve read their messages or not, you can set your GB WhatsApp to hide the blue ticks.
  3. Hide Second Tick: When a message is delivered, it is signified by the second tick appearing in front of the message bubble. So, this privacy feature helps you hide that as well.
  4. Hide Your Recording Status: When voice recording, the other person can know what you’re doing. However, with GB WhatsApp, you can hide that.
  5. Hide Blue Microphone: The new mod version of WhatsApp also allows you to hide the blue microphone for groups and contacts as well.

So, if all these great features of GB WhatsApp arouse your interest, you can get it onto your device by downloading the relevant apk. Just make a search online and you’ll find the download link. Follow the link and download the relevant apk. Once you have done the GB WhatsApp download, it’s a simple process onwards to follow and install it onto your device.


  1. Is GBWhatsApp Safe and Secure?
    Your account might get blocked if you’re using GBWhatsApp on your phone. However, downloading the APK file is perfectly safe since it is free from any malware.
  2. Can we use two WhatsApps On the Same Phone?
    Yes, it’s entirely up to you that you want to keep both apps but with different numbers, and they don’t hurt the functionality of the app at all!
  3. Do we need to update GbWhatsapp?
    Yes, you need to update it if you want to have new features that will come with updates. You can install the latest version by downloading the apk from here and then installing it.
  4. Is there any WhatsApp Account ban issue?
    There might be an issue if we use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. If you want to avoid it then you should make WhatsApp accounts on different numbers.
  5. Does GbWhatsapp Work on iPhone devices?
    Yes, it’s working awesome on iPhone same as Andriod.